We spent decades finessing and perfecting the art of producing the most superior Australian grain fed beef for the discerning Japanese market. This enabled us to offer our beautifully refined, marble score 2+ and 3+, long fed Black Angus beef to a broader, yet still exclusive group of customers globally.

To create this indulgent experience, you need superior genetics, a perfect environment, unparalleled expertise and world class facilities. Tender Valley Black Angus beef is the result of all of these factors coming together – chefs, restauranteurs and exclusive retailers are the beneficiaries.



Tender Valley Australian Black Angus beef is a premium black angus beef product that delivers a consistently tender, juicy and rich flavoured eating experience every time.

Relying on our dedicated producer network, we source the best Black Angus cattle available and manage them within our integrated feedlot and processing facility at Riverina, verified through every stage of the process.
And as a HGP free feedlot and processing facility, all beef produced out of Riverina 517 is guaranteed to be free from added hormones.

The cattle are finished for a minimum of 200 days in our feedlots on specially formulated grain rations, to deliver a purely indulgent marble score 2+ and 3+
beef product.



Unique and exclusive to JBS, Tender Valley Australian Black Angus is produced out of one of Australia’s two integrated feedlot and processing facilities; Riverina.

Modelled off Japanese beef expert design for well marbled grain fed beef production, at our facility cattle are walked from the feedlot to the plant. This process reduces animal stress, which maximises welfare and animal performance, in turn, increasing eating quality.

This combined with the meticulous skill and care taken in our Riverina processing facility, enables us to deliver this purely indulgent black angus beef.



Processing Facility Riverina Est 517
Feeding Regime Grain-fed
Breed Black Angus 100%
AusMeat Cipher Young Prime (YP)
Marble Score 2+, 3+
Meat Colour 1B-3
Fat Colour 0-3
Other No Added Hormones