Decades of finessing the art of producing the most superior Australian grain fed beef for the discerning Japanese market, has helped achieve our beautifully refined Black Angus beef – suitable for the most fastidious chef.

Exclusivity and quality combine with consistency and availability to deliver a very special marble score 3+ beef product for our customers.

To produce beef this good, you need superior genetics, a perfect environment, unparalleled expertise and world class facilities. Tender Valley Black Angus beef is the result of all of these factors coming together – chefs, restauranteurs and exclusive retailers are the beneficiaries.

We partner with only the most proven cattle producers for Tender Valley – they are the true legends of this story.

Raised on fertile grazing regions, Black Angus cattle are selected by our livestock team and inducted into our Riverina program. Specialist nutritionists deliver a highly refined and tightly guarded staged ration program of locally produced cereals and grain products to compliment the various growing and maturing phases of the livestock. For a minimum of 200 days our cattle benefit from this specialised diet which delivers our exquisite, substantially marbled beef.

Fundamental to the quality of this brand, is the integrated, state of the art facilities. Animal welfare is at the very fore of our operations. Cattle able to walk from their feedlot to processing – happy, healthy and content livestock are the secret ingredients for delivering a tender end product.


Tender Valley Black Angus beef isn’t for everyone – it can’t be!

Representing such a small percentage of our production, our mission is to handpick customers and end users as far down the beef supply chain as possible. Partners that value this brand, respect our quality and share a mutual respect for the finer things will enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Partnering with Tender Valley Black Angus beef is a commitment to a relationship that transcends a transaction, and extends to a collaborative promise to deliver only the best beef to consumers who recognise true greatness.